I am a university professor in Mathematics, Applied Mathematics and Statistics and am currently teaching at Trinity Western University. This website contains the web pages for the courses that I am currently teaching, as well as an archive of past courses.

Feel free to use any resources available on this website. You can explore the universities that I have been a part of throughout my career, as well as view my professional resume website.

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Trinity Western University

Stop. Think. Evaluate. Proceed.

Words that I both teach and live by. Science is an exploration of our physical world and Mathematics is an exploration of our minds and ability to reason effectively. Critical thinking is crucial to life and I attempt to develop this skill through whatever course I am teaching. The specifics of the course might not stay with you, but the skills that Mathematics actually teach hopefully stays with you for your whole life.

So what do these four words mean when you're faced with a problem, be it a little math problem or a big life decision?

  • Stop. Stop what you're doing and start from the beginning, making sure to examine the problem objectively and understand what it means.
  • Think. Think about what the problem actually is and don't enter into your thought process with preconceived ideas.
  • Evaluate. Evaluate your options and decide how you are going to proceed with an attempt at solving the problem.
  • Proceed. Proceed with your decided solution strategy and execute it carefully.

If you are unsure or your decided strategy didn't work, then go back to an earlier step and follow it through again.

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